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An absorbant drying agent for use in poultry and livestock bedding and housing that absorbs moisture and ammonia, it creates a dry environment and discourages the moist habitats where crawling insects live, breed and thrive.

  • Hemexsan is a natural earth (Diatomaceous Earth) and is approved as a livestock feed ingredient (E551C - Free flowing agent) so it is non toxic.

  • Hemexsan is approved by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association as a feed ingredient (Registration No: UKE0194) Data for feed applications is available on request.

  • Hemexsan is an environmentally friendly powder for poultry / livestock housing and bedding. 

  • Fully controlled source approved in Europe under Fami-QS. Heaton are approved under UFAS (Registration No: 959).

  • Has very beneficial effects on the feet of poultry when included in litter.

  • Apply to walls, bedding, floors, nest boxes and stables where it aids in the control of moisture, odour and keeps litter dry and free flowing

  • Aids in the control of ammonia

  • Dries the areas where parasites live & breed

  • Independently tested and approved by the VLA (VETERINARY LABORATORY AGENCY)

Hemexsan – Litter For Poultry

  • Hemexsan is a natural product. It is sterile, chemically inactive and has no obnoxious smells.

  • A layer of approx. 1-1½ cm Hemexsan keeps the stable / poultry house floor dry.

  • Hemexsan preserves the absorption capability and keeps the litter dry for approx. 5-6 weeks.

  • Hemexsan can have a positive effect on singes of the pads, which means that the well-being of the animals will be increased and possible economic sanctions often can be avoided.

  • Hemexsan binds the ammonia and thereby contributes to an improvement in the stable / poultry house climate

  • Hemexsan can contribute to an increase in the well-being of the animals.

Hemexsan Granular

HEMEXSAN (GRANULAR) is an approved ingredient for livestock feed (E551C - Free Flowing Agent) where it imparts many benefits to feed production. Please contact us for further information on the benefits of using Hemexsan (Granular) in your feed.

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