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A New Generation, Stable, Vitamin C.

Hemex-Sol C is a very stable polyethoxylated ascorbic acid designed for better animal performance, for prevention of heat stress and for enhanced immunity.

  • Heat, Acid UV Resistance

  • 6 times higher absorption persistency than Ascorbic Acid

  • Immune stimulator, performance enhancer and Vitamin C - Supply

  • Can increase performance by up to 20%

  • Can aid the reduction of stress and disease

  • Extremely effective in poultry and aquaculture

  • Enhances immunity

  • Improves poultry growth

  • Improves egg shell quality


Dosage & Administration 

FOR DRINKING WATER: MIX 100 / 200ml per 1000 litres of WATER



Poultry & Pig Vitamin C Benefits

Natural vitamin C is sensitive to a variety of environmental factors including heat, oxygen and alkalinity, some losses are inevitable during feed manufacturing, storage and feeding. Thus, any natural vitamin C in raw materials is unlikely to remain bioavailable for long. The same applies when unprotected vitamin C is used as an additive. To this effect, protected forms are the norm in the industry, and albeit more expensive, they are the only alternative to rapid losses of unprotected forms.

Today, under commercial conditions vitamin C is often added to broiler diets during the summer months and in some cases diets for layers including breeders to combat heat stress. Some evidence supports the use of vitamin C in broiler breeder diets throughout the year.

For pigs, vitamin C often is used in post-weaning diets and in summer booster packs for lactating sows to combat the negative effects of heat stress on feed intake. Lately, vitamin C has been included in diets for stud boars as it has shown to improve semen quality. Although feed is the desired venue of supplementation, under severe heat conditions when feed intake drops, it often is advisable to administer vitamin C through drinking water.

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