AMTERIC - An extremely effective and highly active potentiated detergent / sanitiser. Unique formulated disinfectant / sanitiser for use in abattoirs / slaughter houses / food processing. SUITABLE AS A ONE APPLICATION CLEANER / SANITISER


HEMEXOL HSC - A concentrated detergent for cleaning hard surfaces and equipment. Ideal for use in food processing. Very effective in removing oil and grease. Suitable for vehicle cleaning


Hemex FOAMWASH is a chlorinated alkaline blended detergent for cleaning of all hard surfaces. FOAMWASH can be applied manually or by spray and foam application at high or low pressure. 

FOAMWASH has excellent foaming properties and is therefore suited for cleaning of open plant and equipment found in the food industry.



An extremely high foaming detergent with excellent solubilising properties for use on open plant, walls, floors and equipment. Effective at removing soiling and fat deposits